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Rithmic Data: Trade Better, Trade Faster - Low Latency Trading

The trading platform you use must be able to withstand large volumes of market data with the lowest possible latency. Having access to the right data – quickly, constantly and consistently – is the key to trading successfully! Rithmic provides traders access to the ultimate routing and connectivity solution for the fastest and most reliable market data and order routing solution.

Is slow execution ruining your method?

Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance used by large trading houses and boutique hedge funds. Level the playing field and place your trades via high paced dedicated servers co-located on the CME exchange - Tick-to-Trade in less than 250µs with Rithmic – That’s a Quarter of a Millisecond!

Do you trade on short term intervals and seek to get a few points or ticks?

Most data feeds are unable to keep up with market volatility and are only able to provide the “average prices” or "aggregate data", often referred to as “filtering”. Rithmic's streaming real time quotes provides fast, unfiltered data to your trading platform and order routing to and from the exchange, giving you a true tick-by-tick view of the market - Clear and Instantaneous picture of price activity!

Do you often see your price get hit again and again but your order does not get filled?

Trading execution is based on first in, first out; the faster you are in the more likely your orders will get filled ahead of others in the queue. Execution must occur in the shortest time span possible (low latency) to minimize slippage. Success in trading requires that you react faster than everyone else to changing conditions in the market. Stay ahead of the curve – Platforms connected via Rithmic are able to withstand large volumes of market data with low latency!

For example, client programs built on R | API (as depicted by the green box in the lower right hand part of the diagram) connect to the infrastructure from inside the firewall (above the red rectangle), avoiding any of its latency.

Whether you are a professional screen trader, Hedge Fund or a Commodity Trading Advisor trading on behalf of multiple customer accounts, a system trader executing automated trading models, or an investor just beginning to experience electronic markets, we believe you will enjoy faster and more efficient execution by utilizing Rithmic’s data feed.

We hope that this technology combined with our customer service will yield a long term relationship that will benefit all our clients. We never underestimate the difficulties of trading, the challenge of finding a profitable methodology and the discipline required by traders to trade the futures markets. Therefore, we value our customers by providing them with what we believe to be the leading technology.

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