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Optimus Futures + TrendSpider Integration Overview

A custom-built integration that delivers fast execution with TrendSpider’s charting and analysis.

TrendSpider is a platform that helps you plan your trade, and trade your plan like a pro. It is one of the most comprehensive technical analysis software on the market, with a fully-customizable automation engine on a charting platform with custom alerts.
Optimus Futures is a leading online futures broker that caters to traders seeking fast execution and stable data feeds combined with aggressive margins and deep discount commissions. You need an Optimus Futures account to connect TrendSpider to the live futures markets. ​
The data you analyze on TrendSpider is only as good as the data you get. Optimus Futures customers are powered by fast, unfiltered data and order routing to and from the futures exchanges.
Create, test & refine your futures trading strategies

Create, test & refine your futures trading strategies

TrendSpider's Strategy lets you instantly test any strategy on any futures market with ZERO coding

Simply configure your entry and exit rules, and press go. Check the results, refine, and repeat until you have found your edge.

One platform, many tools

TrendSpider is more than just charts. It's a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, more efficient technical trader.

Discover your edge

Use unfiltered market data to test, refine and improve any strategy you come up with or come across online.

Automate your grunt work

Put your tedious, time-consuming and error-prone grunt work like charting and scanning on auto-pilot.

Speed up your process

Cover more ground in less time with a fully integrated set of tools all in one platform.

Improve your accuracy

Trade planning and analysis tools powered by algorithms, formulas and math, not gut feelings.

Find better setups, faster

Search the market for trading opportunities like you search the web. If you can describe it, you can find it.

Time trades with precision

Outsource the waiting to the cloud with dynamic price alerts and automated trading bots.

What you get with an Optimus Futures Account

$780** FREE for Optimus customers

Plan Highlights
Multi-Timeframe Analysis
Charting Features
Market Scanner
Trading Bots
Automated Analysis
Complex Pattern Recognition

Save on Trading Fees

FREE Real-Time Market Data

For CME Micros and Minis (Level 1)

FREE Routing

No order routing fees***

FREE Trading Journal

One-click auto trade uploads

FREE Real-Time News Alerts

Get real-time actionable insights

$10 Funding Rebate

For wire deposits over $500

Low Commissions for Everyone | As low as $0.05 for Active Traders****

$0.25 per side on micros
$0.75 per side on standard contracts

Low Day Trading Margins


Micro E-mini S&P 500 MES

Micro E-mini Dow Jones NYM

Micro E-mini Russell 2000 M2K


Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 MNQ


E-mini S&P 500 ES

E-mini Dow Jones YM

E-mini Russell 2000 R2K


E-mini Nasdaq-100 NQ

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Take TrendSpider with you anywhere you go with our native Android and iPhone applications.

See how TrendSpider can help you

Watch a complete overview of the platform and how it can help you be a more efficient trader

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  • Free Indicators
  • Free News Trading Platform
  • Free Funding & Withdrawals
  • Free 24-Hour Support
  • Free One-on-One On-boarding
  • Free Trading Education
  • $500 Micro Account Minimum
  • $400 ES Day Trade Margins
  • $40 MES Day Trade Margins
  • Commissions as low as $0.25 on Micros
  • No Inactivity Fees at Select FCM’s
  • Real Time and Historical Data
  • Premier TrendSpider Partner
  • Trusted by Traders Since 2004
  • Licensed and Regulated by the NFA and CFTC
  • Dedicated TrendSpider Community
  • Multiple Datafeeds | Rithmic, CQG, TT, CTS
  • Account Protection and Segregated Funds (CFTC rule 1.25)
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* Must place 10 trades per month to maintain Free access with a minimum funding amount of $500. Limited to 250 accounts. ** $780 annual subscription fee as priced by on March 21, 2023. *** No Routing fees apply to Optimus Futures/Certigo data only. **** Please refer to our pricing page for more details