A user-friendly, visually stunning and function-rich futures trading platform developed to address the biggest challenge of trading the futures markets: Fast Execution

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Optimized for Execution

Uncluttered Trading Interface

Uncluttered Trading Interface

An efficient, no-frills platform for active traders who prioritize fast execution over fancy features that real traders never utilize in live market conditions.

Designed to keep you focused on the information and tools you need to place trades in fast moving markets.

An easy to learn layout that is ideal for beginners, while the ever-expanding list of indicators and trading tools make it a valid alternative for professionals.

Customized Trading Screen

Widget based layout allows you to customize your trading screen and build your own “Trading Hub”.

Each chart, indicator, DOM is displayed in its own widget which you can move, resize or restyle to achieve the best possible layout.

Link widgets and stay organized - changing one widget will change all the other linked items as well.

Fast Execution
Customized Trading Screen

Unified Trading Experience

Optimus Trader gives traders a unified user interface across multiple devices – PC, Phone or Tablet. Using a single login, traders can access the platform through a browser on any device with an internet connection and everything is synced from the last session, meaning your customized trading experience moves seamlessly with you.


Execution Made Simple

If you are a futures trader searching for a platform that has everything you need for precise Point-and-Click Execution, you need to try Optimus Trader – A Web-Based Trading Platform powered by Rithmic. Exclusively for Optimus Futures.

Trading Front & Center

Desktop trading solutions are bloated with unused features and fancy bells and whistles priced at a premium. Optimus Trader is free, intuitive, fast and easy to use and access, so you can focus on what matters: Execution and Risk Management.

Personalized Trading Hub

Customize your trading interface by using the modular design to add and remove trading widgets to fit your own style and create layouts that contain everything you need to trade a specific symbol: Charts, DOM, Open Positions and more.

Rithmic’s New API - R Protocol | Now Over the Web

Optimus Trader is the FIRST trading platform in the industry to utilize Rithmic’s low latency execution over the web.

By incorporating Rithmic’s New API - R Protocol, Optimus Trader is able to gain access to R | Trade Execution Platform’s™ custom time, tick, volume and range bars, symbol look-ups and server-side trailing stops, OCOs and brackets.

Rithmic is known for its light source code and the ability to deliver unfiltered data. Now with the new R Protocol, you can get all these features over the web. You may be a skeptic when it comes to the speed of web-based execution, but Optimus Trader will challenge that misconception.

Features to help you trade

Explore Optimus Trader’s simple but function-rich trading environment for intuitive order entry and execution.

Interactive Charts

Visually appealing charts with simple technical analysis that does not make your trading screen look like a "spaghetti bowl". Strategically located Buy and Sell Buttons to help you execute trades without blocking your view of what’s important in the markets.

Depth of Market

How deep do you want to see the price levels on the DOM? How about everything that the CME offers? Execute directly from the DOM or from the order module right on the DOM.

Order Ticket

If you are not a frequent trader and wish to place orders at a slower pace, the trader module is for you. Place your order, stop-loss, profit target and choose the order duration. For active traders that place orders more frequently and desire instant execution, execute your trades immediately without any confirmation screen by enabling 1-Click trading on the order ticket.

My Favorites

Keep track of the instruments you trade most! Modify the My Favorites widget to display up-to-the-moment details about your favorite instruments and assets. Each asset displays the contact date in brackets with relevant, percentage of price change in that day, the current market price of the asset, total count for the quantity of trades in that current trading day, and a line graph of the price over time.

Reconstructed Tape

The CME's matching algorithm splits up the large lot orders, so you can see precisely how the orders are split up. The Reconstructed Tape displays the volume and prices of Sell and Buy orders that are currently active in the market.

Orders and Positions

Know where you stand with Working Orders, Filled Orders, and Cancelled Orders with the Positions and Orders widgets. The positions widget displays all relevant information about the trades you are currently holding while the orders widget displays details for all the orders you have created recently.

Real and simulated accounts

The Optimus Trader Platform is capable of handling multiple accounts per user. Traders can set each widget to show data from any of the accounts they possess, simulated or live. Link widgets to keep things neat.


The multiple widget feature of the platform allows traders to never have to switch screens. Have as much information as you can handle on one screen and save yourself valuable time by staying focused on what’s in front of you.


Already use another Platform for Charting?

Execute on Optimus Trader for Cheaper Commissions and Lower Margins

If you are using a trading platform driven by Rithmic for your charting, Optimus Trader is the ideal companion platform for your execution and reporting. Simply plug in your Rithmic credentials directly into Optimus Trader and start trading

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About Optimus Trader

Reverse Engineered from Trader Insights

The development of Optimus Trader was a cooperation of traders, brokers, programmers and market experts who brought relevant experience from different fields in order to create a futures trading platform that is ready to take on and surpass established brands. With constant input from experienced traders and brokerage-aligned deployment, Optimus Futures was able to tailor Optimus Trader to suit all the needs of professional traders, while making the platform easy to access for beginners as well.