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Stay On top of the Financial Markets with Real-Time, Relevant Analysis of Key Economic Events

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Optimus News helps traders:

  • Access the News in Real Time
  • Interpret the News with Accurate Figures
  • Infer Impact of News on the Specific Markets They Trade

The platform provides an easy way to access all Economic Events [such as Unemployment Rate, Interest Rate decisions, etc.] with extremely detailed information, including:

  1. All the past and present information regarding the Economic Event
  2. Analysis regarding the Economic Event
  3. How the event impacted the market in the past
  4. How the event is likely to impact the market in the future

The financial market’s volatility attracts many traders to follow and trade economic events and use this volatility to effectively trade the markets. Unfortunately, trading economic events without help isn’t easy. Starting from planning and preparing all the way through the releases, analyzing and trading economic events involves many steps.

Optimus News makes the whole process easier by consolidating all the information you in need in order to view current, past and futures economic news events into one convenient platform.

Why Economic Events?

Economic Events
  1. Economic Events are a source of volatility, therefore they provide many trading opportunities.
  2. Economic Events are pre-scheduled, therefore Optimus News can prepare you to trade them in advance.
  3. Economic Events are recurring, therefore we can look at their history to potentially assess future market movements.

Optimus News sends you information about macro events as they happen.

How Economic Calendar Events Can Impact Markets

Economic events typically have the greatest impact on markets based in the country where the release occurs. The examples below explains some of the markets impacted by typical events.

  • Commodities (Oil, Gold, Silver, etc.) Commodities tend to react to macro data such as the Unemployment rate, GDP, and CPI. Additionally, there are events related directly to commodities such as OIL Inventories. Example: Crude OIL Inventories releases every Wednesday at 10:30 EST, impacting the price of oil. The logic behind this: Fewer barrels in the inventories implies that there is more demand for oil than expected.
  • Indices (S&P 500, DAX, CAC40, NIKKEI225) Economic indicators measure the economic trends and activity at the country level, and the stock indices are a reflection of the economic behavior in the country. Example: If the US Building permits release is stronger than expected, it could push the S&P 500 higher. The logic behind this: In a healthy market, housing makes up roughly 20% of GDP. The housing market does this in two basic ways: 1) through the physical construction of homes; and 2) through consumer spending on housing services. This impact is in turn felt throughout other industries affecting important metrics such as earnings.
  • Government Bonds Government bonds reflect the current interest rate and expectation for changes in the interest rate over time. Many economic events connected to inflation and growth have an impact on bonds. Example: If the US Unemployment rate is lower than expected (4.4% vs. expectation of 4.6%), this is a positive release for the economy. The logic behind this: Less unemployment means the economy is in better shape and probably inflation is ahead of us. This may lead the Federal Reserve Open Committee (FOMC) to hike interest rates sooner than expected, which means that the government bonds may drop as well (bond prices go down when interest rates go up).

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Economic Calendar

Economic Events

The Calendar tab displays worldwide Economic Events that happened yesterday, are happening today or will happen tomorrow. For each and every economic event, the calendar displays an event card that shows:

  • The time and date
  • Actual number released
  • Previous number released
  • Analysts’ expectations
  • Range for the past three years
  • All Market Instruments related to the event
  • Magnitude of Surprise
  • Perspective Insights

All economic calendar events are categorized by potential impact, starting from events with the strongest impact on the market and ending with events that are not likely to have any market impact at all.

  • Three white exclamation marks represent events with information that every trader needs to know in order to avoid big surprises.
  • Two white exclamation marks represent events that most traders will look at and base their trade execution on.
  • One white exclamation mark represents an event with important information for general knowledge but not specifically for trading.

For example, U.S. Existing Home Sales has three exclamation marks because it generally has a strong impact on the S&P 500. Slower home sales indicate a weaker economy, so traders are more likely to sell the S&P 500. So active Emini S&P 500 trades can potentially benefit from know what is happening with the U.S. home sales event.

Customized Calendar Events

Customize your calendar to gain instant access to all of your relevant information.

Optimus News allows customers to customize and filter their own personalized calendar to get instant access to information relevant to their trading patterns. The following categories can be configured within the Economic Calendar on Optimus News to assist you in your daily analysis and decision making:

  • Strongness The strongness insight is used to help understand the level of surprise in a specific event. In events such as when unemployment data is published, the trader receives the “strongess” indicator. This is used to help understand the level of surprise pertaining to that specific event.
  • Historical Statistics The Historical Statistics section is used to help traders understand how strong an event is relative to past releases. For example, traders can expect to receive insights such as “This release is the highest in the last seven years” when using historical statistics on the economic calendar.
  • Market ReactionMarket reaction is used to realize what happened in the past in similar situations. For example, eight out of ten times the price of gold climbed.
  • DecisionThe economic calendar assists traders in getting potentially better statistical trade opportunities.
  • Actual useQuickly buy or sell through Optimus Trader using the Rithmic or CQG data feed through the clearing firm of your choice without having to switch between applications.

Setting Up the Calendar

Step 1: Click on Calendar Filter in the menu on the top-left.

Step 2: On the Currencies tab, click the currencies you want to see on your calendar.

Step 3: Click the Impact tab, where you can further filter events based on impact level.

Use the Calendar Filter and isolate only what is important for you.

Customized Calendar Events

Twitter/RSS Feed

Twitter Rss Feed

The Twitter and RSS feed makes it easy to stay on top of the latest breaking news and updates on financial markets around the globe. Receive updates directly through the Optimus News platform, providing you with handpicked Tweets from influential individuals as well as economic and news articles from highly regarded online sources.

Customized Charts

Customize your charts and change the instrument of choice on the four charts that populate the Charts tab on the Optimus News app. You can also customize the Time zone to configure chart time intervals to match your own personal time zone.

Customized Charts

Custom Watchlist

Customized Watch

The watchlist tab shows all the market instruments you would like to track in one convenient location, so you can customize your Watch List to display the instruments you are interested in most.

Customized Notifications

Notifications can let you know when an event will happen before it happens. Customize smart notifications and periodic emails and stay up to date with the latest news and economic events related to specific instruments and the markets you trade.

You can also enable Email notifications. Email notifications through the Optimus News app can provide traders with morning, evening, weekly as well as weekly email digests with lists of upcoming and past events to keep you up to date with the most recent news driven and economic events that can potentially influence the markets you trade.

Step 1: Click on the menu in the upper left corner of the app and choose notifications

Step 2: Select what notifications you want and when

Now you will receive emails on all your custom events.

Customized Notifications

Range of Surprise

Range of Surprise

Turn notifications on to get updates before an event takes place

Step 1: Click on the title of an event in the Economic Calendar

Step 2: Scroll down to see the Range. It shows the range of the actual releases over the last three years.

Step 3: Also notice the Surprise Range. It shows the range of stronger and weaker releases relative to expectations.

Voice Assistant

Stay on top of the latest event notifications and news releases through audio cues using the AI voice assistant. The voice assistant can provide traders with the comfort of staying on top of the latest financial events and tweets. The true beauty of the voice assistant is that if a trader is distracted by something else at the time of a news based event, as soon as they receive an audio cue, they can act upon it immediately after.

The Voice Assistant can be highly customized and catered to the events that you only wish to get info on. Not only can the trader filter which economic events, news releases, and how often they are notified before an event occurs, but they can also customize the voice of the AI assistant. The voice assistance can also be customized to receive tweet notifications from influential people or events that occur that can potentially influence and have a lasting effect on the market; such as tweets from Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Bloomberg Markets, and FT Finance news.

For example, the voice assistant can be configured to issue an audio cue at several intervals leading up to an event. As the event releases in real time, the audio assistant has the capability of reading out the news release for the trader using an audio cue. This allows for the ultimate multitasking scenario. Traders can be on a completely different platform or website doing something else, while still receiving real time news releases and event notifications through the convenience of audio cues.

Voice Assistant

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