Consult with a Broker

Our clients get the best on-boarding experience when they have a dedicated broker to help them with their trading questions.

So how can we help you?

Opening an Account

We are able to let our FCM’s compete for your business based on your level of funding, account type, margin and platform requirements Help us understand your needs so we can match you with the right technology and costs and recommend an FCM tailored to your personal trading style.

Trading Platform

Overwhelmed with platform choices? We can help you figure out the ideal combination of technology and features at the lowest possible price. Get our expert opinion on a good solution without compromising on cost, execution or performance.

Margin Requirements

Optimus Futures offers low day-trading margins to accommodate futures traders that require flexible leverage to trade their accounts. Find out how you can get $400 Day Trading Margins for the E-Mini S&P as well as margins for other specific markets you trade.

Commission Quote

Find out how much you will pay when you trade with Optimus Futures. Get an all-inclusive rate with all possible fees factored into the total - Exchange, Clearing, NFA, Order Routing and Commissions. Your personal trading style (markets traded, trading volume and trading platform) impacts your trading costs.

IRA Accounts

Trade the futures markets while enjoying the tax benefits of an IRA, with no additional margin restrictions. If you need help determining the right custodian and clearing firm, we can help you choose the combination best suited to your retirement and trading goals.

Account Transfer

We allow migrations to, between, or even away from any trading platform, datafeed and/or clearing firm. Let our team handle all the messy details and take care of the transfer from your current broker so you can resume trading right away.