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Options Trading

TT’s trusted tools. Enhanced for the sophisticated options trader.

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Use TT's expanded range of features to view and trade options.

  • Visualize
    See options prices in an industry-standard market view, with calls and puts displayed by expiry.
  • Create strategies
    Build pre-defined or custom options strategies and submit to exchanges for listing.
  • Analyze
    View implied volatility, theoretical prices and Greeks calculated by TT using industry-standard options models.
  • Identify
    Monitor time and sales and RFQs and look for trade opportunities based on your criteria.
  • Execute
    Trade with your choice of order ticket and leverage all of TT's automated tools for superior trade execution.
  • Manage risk
    View Greeks and risk metrics of options positions and assess performance across multiple user-defined scenarios.

Options trading highlights

  • Use TT’s autofit vol curve to generate theoretical values or apply your own vol curve using Vol Curve Manager.
  • View all market activity for options by product or product family using Trade Monitor.
  • Send RFQs directly from Strategy Creation, Market Grid, Watchlist, RFQ Viewer or Options Chain.
  • Monitor custom strategies privately using Watchlist before sending RFQs.
  • Customize the view of your portfolio using first and second-order Greeks.
  • Apply various "what if" scenarios to open positions based on underlying and volatility shocks.

Built for the Advanced Options Trader

Feature Basic* Advanced**
Real-time Market Data Yes Yes
Order Entry Yes Yes
Strategy Creation Yes Yes
Submit and Monitor RFQs Yes Yes
Blocktrader Yes Yes
Theoretical Values and Greeks   Yes
Options Trade Monitor   Yes
Watchlist   Yes
Autofit Vol Surface   Yes
Custom Vol Surface   Yes
Position and Risk Analysis   Yes
Options Risk Matrix   Yes
Order by Volatility   Yes
*Included with TT Standard and TT Pro for no additional charge
**Require enablement of Advanced Options Package add-on