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Customize the TT® trading platform with their robust APIs.

Build Your Own Edge

  • Customize - Develop bespoke applications for your unique trading style and requirements.
  • Normalize - All APIs provide normalized interfaces for interacting with all of the TT-connected exchanges.
  • Test - Utilize TT’s robust simulated matching engine to thoroughly test your code.
  • Partner - Leverage TT’s seasoned support professionals, documentation and sample code.

With TT APIs, you can:

  • Take advantage of a robust, high-performance architecture.
  • Programmatically drive orders and strategies.
  • Choose from industry-standard or proprietary protocols.


Develop low-latency applications with TT’s powerful API.

Build - Build algos and black box applications using a robust C++ API.

Test - Leverage TT’s test environment to validate your logic and code.

Execute - Run your applications on dedicated Linux servers within TT’s colocated data center space.


Build client-side or server-side applications.

Broad Appeal - Widely adopted .NET provides a broad set of developers to build applications.

Flexible - Augment your client-side UI or build high-performance applications.

Portable - Applications built for X_TRADER® using TT API are easily ported over to the TT platform.


Integrate your applications with easy-to-use HTTP endpoints.

Administration - Use your own systems to create users and accounts and to update risk limits, product margins and more.

Risk Management - Request historical fills and positions to feed risk management applications.

TT FIX Services

Order Routing - Leverage our DMA and server-side execution tools using FIX 4.2 or FIX 4.4.

Drop Copy - Integrate your middle and back office systems with execution reports normalized across exchanges.

Market Data - Download contract specifications and power your applications with normalized market data.

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