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Futures traders are always looking for the right foundations to achieve their trading goals: advanced platforms, stable data and quality execution they can depend on. As a private client of Optimus Futures, we empower you with all these and more, giving you the choices to hopefully trade better, smarter and potentially faster than you have ever done before. Optimus Futures will equip you with the necessary technology and resources along with competitive pricing and friendly technical support to help you capitalize on your trading plan.​

You are not alone. Even though you choose to be an independent online trader, Optimus is here to provide you with advice and assistance. You have access to our brokers, risk management monitors, information management personnel, technicians and other supporting personnel around the clock. Optimus Futures is with you all the way.

Transparent Pricing. We always try our best to make sure you are able to execute your trades without having commissions as a burden to your strategies. Commissions can't "eat" into your account to the level where you don't stand a chance to make money. We will be fair, because we look at you as a long term asset and not an expiring option.

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Low Day Trading Margins Optimus offers low day-trading margins to accommodate traders that require high leverage to trade their accounts.

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Easy-to-enter order platforms with drop down menus offering you the widest possible variety of online commodity trading options, including market orders, market on close, limit orders, stop orders and all futures/futures options spread orders. Online direct access order processing. Your fills are less than a second away from your last click!

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Online trading in foreign markets Enjoy the online convenience of future trading on American exchanges and other universal markets - DAX, LIFFE, SMX, MATIF, TSE, EUREX and WPG.

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  • Access to real time updated account information. Instantly see your account balance, remaining margin, profit/loss in each position, and other useful information about your current financial position.
  • Excellent Technical Team. Our traders can demonstrate over the phone or live on your computer how each platform works so you can become comfortable with our platform.
  • One-touch market orders. Just push a button and you are in the market. Or, if you want out, you can also perform instant order cancellations.
  • Trading charts for all markets. Instantly see your account balance, remaining margin, profit/loss in each position, and other useful information about your current financial position.
  • Access to real time updated account information. Ability to construct technical analysis tools to support your trading methodology and style.
  • Access to extensive research and quotes. Our skilled professionals compile the kind of information you need to succeed.
  • 24/7 telephone dealing while you’re away. If you can't keep an eye on your accounts while you’re on vacation, with family or on a business trip, our staff will monitor and review your positions. Under your direction, the appropriate orders will get placed on your behalf.

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of futures results