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Trade Execution Gets Faster Everyday — Is Your Broker Keeping Up?

Trades need to be delivered and confirmed at lightening speeds in order to compete in the market. This is an embedded feature in GAIN Trader from StoneX (GAIN Futures) - and when your trades are powered with low-latency, Optimus Futures-backed execution you can be confident that your electronic trading of futures is executing amongst the competition.

GAIN Trader’s execution servers sit next to some of the leading IT companies of our time (AT&T, Google, Yahoo!, IBM) within the Equinix IBX Data Centers with bandwidth supplied by InterNap. Their production datacenter has two 20Mbit lines burstable to 100Mbit upload and download. The unique Overlay Network analyzes traffic on major Internet backbones and selects the path of least resistance to deliver information faster and more reliably. This means your trades are delivered as fast as possible.

GAIN Trader’s accurate and reliable trade execution is time tested and secure. As a convenience to our clients, this fast trade execution is included with all trading accounts at no extra cost because this is our standard.

The Importance of Market Data with Trade Execution

Some brokerages tout their speed of market data. True, you have a competitive advantage when you get market data faster than your competitors.

Optimus Futures makes sure you have fast market data - but good trading doesn't stop there. Combined with personal support and discounted commissions and ultra-fast execution, better market opportunities may be available to you, while those brokers who are only supported by fast quotes won't benefit from this millisecond execution.

GAIN Trader’s data and execution infrastructure gives you the information you need to make decisions as well as the power to execute on that decision.