High Frequency Trading (“HFT”) with Collocation Execution

Routing, Market Data, Hosting Solutions For Active and High Volume Futures Traders

Optimus Futures provides active traders - whether individuals or institutions - with the technology and tools to meet their demanding needs. High frequency trading, scalping, algorithmic trading and other high volume strategies can be supported via a large choice of front-end platforms and exposed APIs. We can provide multiple hosting solutions including rack-space and virtual machines as well as cross-connects and dedicated lines.

Our solutions allow access to multiple products and multiple markets (futures and options) from one fully customizable screen. Risk management, P&L and other relevant data is provided in real time.

Write to an API

We expose multiple Application Programming Interface connections providing direct market access to the U.S. futures markets. Choices include the very low latency R | API from Rithmic, LLC (Tick-to-Trade in less than 250µs) as well as APIs from Trading Technologies, CQG, ORC, and RealTick. Depending on your trading frequency, technical requirements and your feedback we will match you with what we consider to be the best fit and solution for you.

Co-Location & Hosting Services

Fast, secure and redundant infrastructure powered by Guavatech, a leader in trading infrastructure management in addition to available rack space from Rithmic, LLC in either 350 East Cermak, the new CME Aurora location (which houses trade matching engines for all products traded on the CME Globex platform) or at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (which includes the CBOE Futures Exchange).

Pricing for Hosting

Competitive pricing per U of rack space in addition to virtual (shared) machines at 350 East Cermak or Aurora (new CME data center).

Low Latency and High Frequency Trading

Algorithmic and high frequency traders can take advantage of low latency direct market access to all major U.S. markets. In particular, the R | API from Rithmic, LLC is gaining in reputation for its low latency routing infrastructure as well as the non-throttled real-time market data that it delivers.

Low Commissions

High volume traders receive very competitive commissions at either flat rates or tiered deals, based on our customer's preference. Depending on the particulars of your trading including such things as day trading versus holding positions overnight, trading only futures versus options on futures, etc. we can be very aggressive on the pricing that we can offer to our clients.

Consultation and Support

Optimus Trading Group is prepared to put together a comprehensive and competitive solution for your routing and/or hosting needs and based on your input, provide objective solutions to your specific needs.


Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.