Professional DMA Trading

Optimus Futures offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to professional traders by leveraging the infrastructure and technology of our Data-feeds and FCM’s to deliver institutional-grade execution and clearing. Direct market access (DMA) enables traders to submit buy or sell orders directly to the order book of an exchange, bypassing all intermediaries. We provide a wide variety of DMA Trading services backed up by advanced trading platforms, organized back-office and above all complete transparency in execution and reporting.

Find out how you can achieve low latency execution and significant costs savings through volume discounts by utilizing the following services:

Direct Market Access and Commodity Trading API: Click here if you want to connect your own equipment directly to the exchange via our low latency execution API.

High Frequency Trading (“HFT”) with Collocation Execution: Click here if you are a High Volume Trader and need hosting solutions, rack-space, virtual machines and dedicated lines.

CME Membership Leases:Click here if you are a high volume trader trading the CME products, and need assistance with the application for the CME. Reduce your rates substantially by subscribing to the CME Lease Program.

Commodity Advisor Clearing:Click here if you are a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) looking for a professional clearing services.

System Trading Clearing:Click here if you are a System Developer and looking for a brokerage to execute your methodology.

Foreign Introducing Brokers:Click here if you want to become a Foreign Introducing Broker for Optimus Futures.