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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 02-19-2017


Despite record household debt at levels last seen in 2008 and increasing unemployment claims, the stock market put in another bullish week and all three major stock indexes hit new all-time highs. The following is the analysis and Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC.

The S&P 500 Emini closed on Friday just below 2350 at 2348. The market still seems to be driven by optimism and Wallstreet is betting on Trump’s economic policies and planned tax cuts. Pessimists say that if the agenda isn’t coming soon, stocks might be in for a rude awakening. Until then, the most likely path seems upwards. Especially since Yellen indicated that the next rate hike might come as early as March, given the good economic data

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What makes a Trader Successful? Insights from a 20 Year Industry Veteran


Successful Traders


What makes a trader successful in the long-run? In my opinion, it is coping. Not blind faith or euphoric unsubstantiated enthusiasm, but the ability to continue through good and bad periods as your portfolio goes up and down. Coping, in this sense, is the ability to handle all the psychological pressures that are associated with sitting in front of the trading screen.

The concept of recovering from hard times is an important concept. I am not comparing trading losses to other personal losses; never the less, financial losses can have a significant impact on a trader’s motivation and morale. Your ability to recover from previous hardships will make a difference in

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 02-12-2017


The following analysis is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

The S&P 500 Emini closed at 2313, above the previous resistance after a strong 3-day rally at the end of the week. The Emini is trading in uncharted space and, as we said previously, traders would do best to keep following the momentum. As long as support levels hold, the most likely path for the S&P Emini seems to be higher. The support level below the current price is now the 2300 area.

The 30-year US Treasury ended the week higher, but after a good start to the week, price

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Improve your Chart Reading Skills: How to use RSI, MACD and ADX Indicators


This article will go over the advantages and disadvantages of the RSI, MACD and ADX Indicators. We identify the market conditions that best leverages their strengths and how to complement them with other technical analysis tools to offset their weaknesses in order to improve the accuracy and timing of your trades.

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

Although the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator is usually listed under oscillating indicators, it really should be seen as a trend indicator. A quick look at the RSI formula shows that it measures the momentum of price movements. This incorrect classification as an oscillator can easily lead to problems when traders try to use the RSI in ranging market periods, where the indicator loses its predictive power. In fact, the smaller the range, the less ideal the

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 02-05-2017


Last week was very eventful with multiple central bank meetings as well as the non-farm payroll data. Friday’s job report was mixed, with more jobs added than expected, but the unemployment rate still ticked up while average earnings ticked lower. Analysts are still optimistic and expect wage gains to pick up later this year as well.  Below is the opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

It was another good week for the S&P Emini and price closed just below the 2,300 mark. Stocks rose as Trump plans to roll back financial regulations and review  Dodd-Frank caused a rally in the financial sector. Additionally, earnings continue to beat Wallstreet expectations. The S&P Emini had a weak start to the week and drifted lower at the 2,270 support without

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