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How boring is your trading? Why professional trading should be boring

You often read that trading should not be exciting and that professional trading has to be somewhat “boring”. But what does exciting or boring in the context of trading really mean and how can you adopt a trading route that is more “boring”?  In this article, we show you the 4 different stages and types of trading, how excitement influences trading decisions and what a professional (boring) trading routine should look like.

Profitable Trading is BoringThe new trader – unconscious excitement

New traders don’t understand what trading is all about and how to approach the market in an efficient way – and it’s totally normal to start out this way. The new trader believes that trading is an activity where he

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How to use Fibonacci extensions as profit targets for your trades

The Fibonacci tool is a very commonly used tool among traders, but one of the greatest functions of the Fibonacci tool is often neglected. Whereas most traders use the Fibonacci retracements to determine entries – which can be tricky because it is always unclear which Fibonacci level price will adhere to – the Fibonacci extensions are much less subjective. With the help of the Fibonacci extensions, identifying potential profit targets becomes very simple and it takes out a lot of guesswork.

What are Fibonacci extensions?

Whereas most traders only know about the regular Fibonacci retracement levels (0.382, 0.618 and 0.764), the Fibonacci extensions are levels that extend beyond current price. When it comes to Fibonacci extensions, there are mainly two levels traders need to be aware of: 1.382 and 1.618.

Once you have

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The 8 point checklist to start your trading day like a professional

Preparing for your trading day is a must for the serious trader. If you know what to expect for the day ahead, you can make much better trading decisions, avoid surprises and you are less likely to miss trades. The following 8 points will give you a head-start and allow you to approach your trading from a completely new perspective. We will also go over why each point is so critical:


#1 Higher time-frame analysis

A short glimpse at the weekly or daily time-frame is a must before you start your trading day. It helps put everything into perspective; you can get a feeling for where you are in the overall trend and you see immediately if any important obstacles or price levels are coming up.


#2 Support and Resistance

In addition to marking

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How biases mess with Traders – Don’t be your own Enemy


Every trader knows that emotions and psychology play an important role in trading. But the way our thinking influences our trading decisions goes much deeper than the regular talk about fear and greed. Evolution, our upbringings and day to day social interaction requires us to use psychological biases when making decisions; such biases have the goal to protect us and make the decision making process much faster. However, when it comes to trading, such biases can play against you because the way trading works is completely different from what is required in our daily lives’.


Outcome bias

Let’s start with the most common bias; the outcome bias suggests that people only judge their actions based on the outcome of an event. When a trader has a winning trade, he made the “right”

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