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How to Improve your Wi-Fi Connection and get better execution for Futures Trading



Every trader relies on high-speed internet for fast execution.  As such, we recommend that you first connect your trading device, whether it is downloadable software or web based execution, to a landline.

However, in the age of Wi-Fi, people are increasingly trading Futures on their phones, tablets and other Smart Devices. So let’s discuss the issues that affect Wi-Fi Execution:

  1. Distance – The further away you are from the router the slower the connection you will experience, even if you are using the most robust routers. So if you are trading futures on the 3rd floor and your router is on the first floor, you should reconsider your location.
  2. Walls – They

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: August 1st, 2017


The following report is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

E-Mini S&P 500

So far the strategy of BTD (buying the dip) has worked across the ES quite well. The setbacks have created opportunities to make new highs, while recent earnings releases have proven to be healthy. Plus there were no major setbacks from highly capitalized companies that failed to meet expectations. Most of these companies are cash rich, so temporary disappointment in earnings are a result of expansions and infrastructure building rather than declining revenues.

The Fundamental analysis is rather interesting because no one wants to be the analyst that had the last “buy recommendation,” so every pundit seems to be adding the prerequisite “But…” at the end of their analysis, pointing to concerns the market can turn down. The truth

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How to Find a Practical Trading Method that is Right for You



I always tell my customers about the importance of methodology and risk management as well as how picking the right combination of platform, low latency datafeed and overall trading infrastructure can build a solid foundation. But if I had to do it all over again, I would add one more piece of advice; stay practical.

I understand the excitement that comes with entering into the trading world for the first time. You come across many sites, forums, Twitter accounts and they all claim to have the perfect formula. But consider that both successful and unsuccessful traders are given equal weight when it comes to dishing out advice online. Whether practical, real

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: June 27th, 2017


The following report is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

On the surface, it seems this market is “Bullet-Proof” and no single event can change its course.  Regardless of the price of Oil Futures, escalating tensions between countries worldwide, and economic data that is not always encouraging, the market continues its upward trend. Yes, we have heard this song before, “This time it is different,” but the reality is that it is not.  All we need is a wind of change on the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) and all of a sudden the other factors will become highly relevant and pertinent.

However, from a technical perspective, you cannot short a market based on a hunch, and quite often those who say “the market is wrong” end up fighting the trend. In

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: June 20th, 2017


The following report is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

When we analyze the equity markets, we tend to look at the political, economic and social policies of the governing administration.  Judging from a trend standpoint, it would seem that the market favors the current policies. However, whether you tend to lean right or left, it can be argued that political stability did not prevail these last three months and previous years might have seen declining markets under similar circumstances. So what gives? In our opinion, the current market is focusing more on earnings and Fed policies rather than the administration. Below are a couple details that we want our readers to note:

  1. The market is a diversification from the current administration: Take a look at the pool of talent that are running some

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