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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: June 20th, 2017


The following report is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

When we analyze the equity markets, we tend to look at the political, economic and social policies of the governing administration.  Judging from a trend standpoint, it would seem that the market favors the current policies. However, whether you tend to lean right or left, it can be argued that political stability did not prevail these last three months and previous years might have seen declining markets under similar circumstances. So what gives? In our opinion, the current market is focusing more on earnings and Fed policies rather than the administration. Below are a couple details that we want our readers to note:

  1. The market is a diversification from the current administration: Take a look at the pool of talent that are running some

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Find Out Exactly How Much You Pay In Commissions To Trade Futures


In order to participate in the futures market, traders have to pay for several transaction costs that make up your total commissions. There are four basic types of fees incurred every time you trade a single futures contract, assessed on a per-contract basis. For every contract traded, the following fees are passed on to the trader.

Futures Trading Commission Components

1: Exchange/Clearing Fees (FCM + Exchange)

2: National Futures Association (NFA) Fees

3: Execution Fees (Technology / Order Routing)

4: Brokerage Commissions

There are a few ways you can go about looking into these fees and most brokers will show you the breakdown, either as commissions or all-in rates. The limitation

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CTS T4 Futures Trading Platform Review

CTS T4 Review by Optimus Futures

CTS T4 Trading Platform Overall Rating




  • Free Mobile App
  • Optimus Exclusive Pricing
  • Strong Options Trading Capabilities
  • Stability and Fast Execution
  • Spread Trading for Professionals
  • Used by Ex Floor Traders



  •  Plain Vanilla Interface


Pricing: $35 / Month

EXCLUSIVE: Optimus Futures customers can take advantage of $0.20 per contract routing fees with either the Core ($35 monthly fee) or the Advanced ($200 monthly fee) non-professional packages. Customers that meet the CME’s definition of Professional must choose between Pro Core and Pro Advanced pricing. Pro Core has a $25 monthly fee, $0.50 per contract routing

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: May 15th, 2017


The following report is the Opinion of Optimus Futures, LLC

E-Mini S&P 500

We’re coming into another week with stocks at record highs and volatility at rock bottom (VIX index at a 24 year low). Things are very calm right now – and that’s what happens before a large correction. The markets usually associate it with a particular economic indicator that signals a weakness, triggering a sell-off. This initial sell-off is then followed by additional news that re-enforces the trend, causing a ripple effect of a downward cycle of longs getting stopped, short sellers joining in and “Program Trading” triggering algorithmic sales. We would never recommend trading against the trend but pay attention to weak or strong news reports, whether USA based and/or international, as this would trigger further rotation to the

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MarketDelta Desktop Futures Trading Platform Review


Optimus Futures Overall Rating




Integrated Data Feed (CQG) – 75+ Exchanges & Data Sources.

Advanced Charts, Studies, & Drawing Tools – 100’s of pre-built pages, templates.

Footprint® Charts – MD is the creator of Footprint® charts.

Multiple Trading Interfaces – Lifetime Sim Account, DOM, Trade from Chart.



Slightly Expensive


Pricing: $199 per month


General Overview of Trading Platform

MarketDelta® Desktop is a professional grade trading software that has everything you need without the requirements of running additional 3rd party software or plugins. MarketDelta Desktop is not just charts or just trading. It is a complete trading platform, making

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