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Letter from the President
Dear Investor/ Trader,

We as a licensed brokerage have a responsibility in delivering the most precious commodity of all: fiduciary duty. At Optimus Trading Group, we’re committed to developing relationships of trust and good faith with our clients. Our approach and advice to you is systematic, disciplined and above all, objective, focused solely on your personal needs and financial objectives. At the end of the day, our goals are the same as yours:  protecting your capital and making you a better trader and, above all, a better decision-maker.

As with any relationship, it’s important to get to know your partner. With that in mind, I’ve outlined some of the key philosophies that define who we are as a business. 

  • A “one-size-fits-all approach” does not work with trading. With this in mind, Optimus tailors its services to fit your unique capital, time availability, risk tolerance and market knowledge.  Through a wide range of offerings such as Managed Futures, Online Futures and Commodity Trading, System Trading and Broker-Assisted Programs, we give you the freedom to choose what’s right for you as an individual.
  • It’s our obligation to empower you with the latest trading technologies. Whether it’s the ability to check your account statements, place trades or have your questions answered in a timely manner, improved technology means independence and convenience for today’s trader. Following a long process of due diligence, Optimus has leveraged cutting-edge technologies to save you time and optimize your trading experience.  See our Customer Statements Portal, Customer Enquiries Portal and Online Trading Platforms page.
  • Commissions are secondary to fiduciary duty. Commissions should be a result of helping clients and leading them to financial success—not a broker’s raison d’etre.   I am personally responsible for the implementation of this philosophy in our operations, and it’s a role I take very seriously. 

No one is born a trader. When I first began in the trading arena, I was like any other novice trader: naive, lacking confidence and too emotional in my trading approach. Fortunately, under the guidance of several industry veterans, I learned vital lessons that shaped my career—lessons in smart risk management, coping with the volatility of the markets, and choosing time horizons of trades. A decade and a half later, I use this wisdom daily to help other traders learn, grow and prosper.

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about how our team can assist you in reaching your commodities trading goals. Thank you for considering Optimus Trading Group, and I look forward to building a long-term and mutually advantageous partnership.

Matthew Zimberg,

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Clients Testimonials
This is an experience of a certain client. Your experience may vary.

The service I receive from your staff at Optimus Futures is exceptional. Being new to trading futures, I needed extra guidence and attention. Even though I have a small account, Chad has been very helpfull and always willing to explain any detail. I have great confidence in your staff. Everyone at Optimuns treats me with the same courtesy and attention that would be expected by any big investor.

Antonio S
Arlington, TX

I really do appreciate what you, Chad, and Jennifer do for me as my broker.

The thing I like most about Optimus Trading is the way that Matt and Chad interact with me as a trader. Their assumption is always that I know what I'm doing. When they present an alternative suggestion they do so in a way that gives me additional information so that I can evaluate my decision more fully. Matt's office manager, Jennifer, is a great part of the team too. She is always pleasant and has helped me a number of time with paperwork on new accounts and transfering funds to and from my accounts.

When I come to them with questions they give me the benefit of their experience quickly and confidently. Their confidence in both themselves and me makes the good trades better and the bad trades more easily accepted.

I would recommend Optimus Trading to anyone who was considering a relationship with a new broker.

Christopher N
White Bear Lake, MN

Hello Matt

We have worked together about 3 years and I want to thank you, Chad and Jennifer for all you have helped me with over that time. It’s a pleasure to work with people you can call friends. It’s great to know when you call you can talk with someone that knows your name and makes you fill like they actually want to help you. Chad is great with managing automated systems and Jennifer with keeping my accounts straight. You have a great team and I’m looking forward with working with your firm for years to come.

Again thanks for everything

Gary D
Brighton, TN

I have been with Optimus Trading for a few years now, and have been consistently impressed with their level of service. I’ve had other brokers who didn’t know my name, who didn’t care if I lost every cent in my account, and who treated me as an inconvenience. The folks at Optimus have always been courteous, have at times steered me away from making unwise trades, and have, in general, been a pleasure to work with. In addition, the Optimus website has a lot of valuable information and the periodic blog updates are very helpful. I recommend Optimus as a partner for anyone’s commodities trading business.

Christopher Young
Poulsbo, Washington


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